China GDP Growth 5.3% in Q1, Beats Estimates

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China’s economy exceeded forecasts in the first quarter, with a 5.3% annual growth in GDP, fueled by robust exports and manufacturing investment. Reduced domestic demand and the real estate market are still presenting issues to the economy. China’s GDP is expected to rise by 4.6% this year, according to the most recent World Economic Outlook from the International Monetary Fund. This estimate has not changed from the January forecast. In the upcoming months, the nation may implement more drastic measures to deal with the property crisis, particularly with regard to financing for the completion of unfinished pre-sold properties.

A strong 4.5% year-over-year rise in fixed-asset investments was reported, up from 4.2% in the January-February period and above the 3% growth for the entire year of 2023. Infrastructure investment increased by 6.5% and manufacturing investment increased by 9.9% in the first quarter, respectively, driving economic growth up. Three of China’s newest industries have made significant positive contributions to the country’s manufacturing growth: batteries, solar panels, and electric cars.

Property development investments fell 9.5% annually during the period, show highlighting the issue of the continuing real estate situation. The weak expansion of retail consumption suggests that the economy is still recovering from a period of lower domestic demand. Since the second half of last year, policymakers have launched an assortment of stimulus measures to bolster the private sector, draw in foreign investment, and encourage people to buy homes, as China’s economy slowed after the first quarter of 2023.

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