Baidu announces Ernie 4.0 to rival GPT-4

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Chinese tech giant Baidu asserts that Ernie 4.0, the most recent iteration of its AI model, is on par with ChatGPT creator OpenAI’s ground-breaking GPT-4.  At a Tuesday presentation in Beijing, CEO Robin Li unveiled Ernie 4.0. He highlighted the model’s memory skills and demonstrated how it could write a martial arts novel in real time as well as produce advertisements and films. Due to a lack of significant highlights, Baidu’s Hong Kong shares fell 1.32% in early trading. Lu listed Baidu’s integration of generative AI throughout all of its products, including Baidu Drive and Baidu Maps.

Baidu was one of several companies that received regulatory approval in August to make AI products available to the general market. Since it was made available to the public, Ernie has accumulated 45 million users.

A blacklist of sources that cannot be used to train AI models was one of the suggested security restrictions for companies providing services based on the technology that Beijing released last week.

China already possesses at least 130 large language models (LLMs), accounting for 40% of the global total and trailing only the United States’ 50%.

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