XPeng to Roll Out Self-Driving in 50 More Cities

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Chinese EV start-up Xpeng plans to expand its advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to 50 mainland cities by the year-end and nationwide by the end of 2024 to maintain a competitive edge in smart-driving capabilities. The company’s X NGP software, currently available in five Chinese cities, will be rolled out in 45 more by the end of December. In addition to identifying traffic signals, X NGP can change lanes, overtake, and make turns. Some of Xpeng’s P7, G9, P5, and G6 models can drive autonomously after an over-the-air software upgrade. By the end of 2024, X NGP will be available across mainland China and introduced to Europe.

The Xpeng P7, which has recently been launched for sale in Europe, received a five-star safety certification from Euro NCAP for 2023. This is XPENG’s first five-star safety certification for a global model following the implementation of the new, stricter-than-ever 2023 criteria. Complementing the remarkable body structure of the XPENG P7 are several XPILOT Safety measures that are included as standard. 

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